Cadbury Silk: Love

In another adorable Creative, Cadbury has extended its expression of love for the youth. Chocolate and romance have always gone hand in hand but very few brands have been able to capitalize on that connection in the way Cadbury has. And in their latest campaign - #HowFarWillYouGoForLove, Cadbury has turned their chocolates into a ritual of sparkling new relationships, deepening the meaning of love, and standing for a feeling that can’t be purely expressed in words but best felt through acts of active expression

Solidifying Human Relationships

Cadbury has always been particular to include human feelings and their role in deepening relationships. Their earlier creatives have focused on celebrations of everything - from paydays to small joyful moments in a persons' life. During the national lockdown, they even released a creative focusing on the accomplishments like Graduating or celebrating one's anniversary and asked people to express their happiness at home with a Cadbury. That's certainly a subtle and successful way to relate happiness with their brands.

Recipe for Success ?

Cadbury enjoys 70% Market Share in India and is regarded as the Gold Standard. But why is it so successful ? Cadbury has always emphasized on their Brand Message and targeted the emotions of its target audience. It has fit in the lifestyle of people to celebrate every happy moment with cadbury. That is why it enjoys a special place in peoples' hearts. While other brands like Snickers made creatives to thank the Covid Warriors, Cadbury focused on the magical moments of being at home. And that brilliance is why, it is the Gold Standard.

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