Contactless Delivery, Fast Fine Dine and Whatnot

I read somewhere that the world will change after this Pandemic and there will be Before Corona ( BC ) and After Corona ( AC ). This may be truer for Food Industry more than any other Industry. KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominos have launchedContactless Delivery and other Fast food chains will soon follow suit. I can't help but imagine what the future will look like for Food Industry.

Far Less Time at the Restaurant

In the recent years, Order on Your Way has been adopted by companies like Starbucks, McDonald's and so many more. Also the concept of Fast Food Dining has cropped up in the last couple of years. As a society we have speeded up and have less and less time to waste waiting for our Order to be prepared at Fine Dine Restaurants. So how does After Corona World look like for Food Industry ?

Well, for starters, people will surely get more comfortable with just picking up their food at the Restaurant rather than sitting and waiting while their order gets prepared. Thus, the companies will adjust too by providing features to order while people are on their way to the restaurants. Also, this would lead to a massive change in how dining out is perceived by the Consumers. Restaurateurs too would focus slightly less on just Ambiance (Though Important ) , and more on the other differentiating factors like Food Fusion, Innovative Food Flavors, Unique Dishes etc .

Battle for Value

The modern day warfare for drawing in more people to your Restaurant would be fought online. With less Retail Areas sold for Restaurants, they have much more money to pump into Innovative Menus and Creative Marketing. This can lead to higher discounts, Interactive Relationships with the customers and customized food offerings. Almost every Restaurant, Fine Dine and Fast Food Chain would find themselves in a new world battling to provide superior value and the customers would be the biggest winners.

The Food Industry which was already in a transition away from Traditional Restaurants may get a push towards a newer world which would be hard to recognize but even harder to ignore.

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