Creating Greatness out of thin air - Burger King

How do you achieve the impossible ? Ask Burger King. They just got the world's highest paid footballers to endorse their brand without paying a single penny. Those guys can probably do anything.

Yes, you read that right. Burger King did just that with their Stevenage Challenge. So, the Stevenage Challenge is very simple. It is a series of challenges for football fans across the world to complete in real life and in video games, with rewards from Burger King's free menu favorites for completed tasks. The challenges vary from country to country ranging from simply scoring a goal to to scoring a direct from a corner, all while wearing the Burger King sponsored T Shirt.

The folklore

Stevenage FC is a not so popular team in England's football. But they were going to be in the same football game - FIFA 20 which is where every high paid footballer was going to be. So, Burger King sponsored Stevenage. And FIFA had to design their jersey with Burger King logo on it.

What Burger King did with that will blow your mind. They invited all the gamers around the world to play with their favorite players with Stevenage and offered them free burgers.

The Result

Stevenage became the most used team in career mode during the campaign. More than 25,000 goals were shared online. It was played in over 20 countries. And the official merchandise for Stevenage was sold for the first time ever. And the SMALLEST Team in real life became the BIGGEST Team online. Burger King claims that it would have had to spend $11,650,310,000 on sponsorship which they just saved. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Greatness is created out of thin air.

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