#MaskIndia - Vocal for Change

These are uncertain times. The future of the entire world hangs in the balance and depends in large parts on wearing a mask by the people. And, although many brands are cluttering us with messages that they are with us, none of them have taken the Responsibility to create awareness like Times of India has.

About the Campaign

On April 06, 'Make Your Own Mask' was printed on the front page of the Times of India which was a call to all the Indians to make and wear their own masks at home. And Printing that message was only the first step. Since then, Times of India has turned it into a Phenomena and over a hundred thousand Indians have responded already with their own versions of homemade masks and posted their Masked Selfies and DIY How to Make Your Own Mask Videos with the #maskindia hashtag on social media and many unique, original and cool homemade masks have gone viral across WhatsApp Groups.

The newspaper allows people to share their photos and videos to join the movement, provides information on why wearing of masks is compulsory when stepping out of the house, teaches how to make masks at home using sewing machines, provides news from all around the world regarding Masks and a whole lot more. Just saying that Times of India has done a commendable job would be to underplay the role played by the newspaper in bringing about necessary Change in the country.

Vocal for Change

Times of India has always been very active in breaking stereotypes and bringing about changes in the Society. Be it for the LGBT Community, Freedom of Speech, Gender Biases in Durga Puja or any other pressing issue in the country. They have shown that they are not in the business just to make money but also to be a Pillar of India's Democracy and lead the change.

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