Shit you don't know : SERP Position Zero & Impact of Voice Search

Position Zero refers to the first Google Result which is above the Organic SEO listings. It is designed in such a way that it answers the query of the person without without clicking any search result link. For several years, Google followed the practice of duplicating its featured snippet which it stopped in January this year.

What does this mean ?

This translates into loss of Click Through Rate for businesses. Approximately, 3.5 Billion searches happen on Google everyday and around 90% of the searchers are likely to click on the first set of results and very few people actually go to other pages to find the stuff they are searching for. According to a survey by SearchEngineLand, featured snippets got 8.6% of the clicks while the first position got 19.6% of the clicks. Thus, this all indicates that it is rather beneficial for businesses to eye Positions 1-10 rather than the Position Zero.

Another Trend to be on the Lookout for

Voice Search. More than 20% of all searches are being done by voice right now and we are witnessing a growth of 270% YOY in this domain. This highlights a fundamental change in how consumers will interact with online brands. Also, local business have an opportunity to shine as a majority of Voice Searches would be in local languages.

How to Reap Benefits of these things ?

The businesses of yesterday might not be the businesses of tomorrow. The businesses that will thrive in the future will be the ones which invest highly not only in SEO, Keyword Approach and Backlinking but also in making their Websites less complex, simpler content and conduct research on the potential dialogues which the user and voice assistant will use. The costs of appearing in top search results of Google has come down and doesn't need a High level of money but it does require High Effort and close monitoring by the Businesses. An year from now Google Search Results are going to display very different Results, make sure you are there.

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