Stay Home #WithMe - Youtube, you Beauty

In a remarkable effort to ease people's suffering in these unprecedented times when most of us are practicing Social Distancing and Staying at Home, Youtube has come up with an innovative way to keep us all entertained with their #WithMe campaign where people can be with each other from the safety of their homes and do stuff together.

So what can you do with this ?

Did you think that you would be sitting across strangers and Painting with them ? Meditate with them ? Jam with them ? Do Yoga with them ? Or Study with them ? Yeah. Me neither. But in their latest campaign, #WithMe, that is exactly what you'll be doing with Youtube. This is a great effort to help people through their suffering in this unprecedented pandemic that we are facing. And it is fun too. For everyone.

So what can you do in this ?

Youtube has asked for our help for everyone around the world. We can all create content which could be anything from Singing, Dancing, Listening to Music, Meditating, Working Out, Learning Instruments, Comforting/Calming etc and share it on Youtube. It would give better visibility and recognition to the content creators and increase the time people spend on the platform as well. This is a brilliant move motivated both by the drive to do good for the humanity and a sound business sense as well. Hats off to Youtube for this.

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