Nasa Cabs : A disruption in Cab Aggregation

The year is 2025, and a new Cab Aggregator has entered the Indian market by the name of Nasa Cabs. They have started out with a new concept for consumers. Now they don't have to pay per ride. The consumers are not burdened by escalating prices every time they open their Cab App. They have the ultimate freedom now - to travel for leisure.

What's so unique about the Nasa Cabs ?

What's really special about Cabs is their Payment System. Now every customer can buy a package deal of a number of kilometres beforehand and use them within stipulated time. Some of their most popular packs are -

1) 250 Kms for 3 months - Rs 5000 ( 40% of Consumers buy this )

2) 150 Kms for 2 months - Rs 3500 ( 35% of Consumers buy this )

3) 50 Kms for 1 month - Rs 1500 ( 25% of Consumers buy this )

Also, for every package bought, up to 4 users can ride using the same account. Thus, this instantly become a hit in every family and friends group. Also, if you happen to save some of the Kilometres in your account, you are given equivalent discount on your subsequent purchase.

Future Plans of Nasa Cabs

Because of buying such packaged, people have stopped using other Cab Aggregators altogether. The Retention Rate of Nasa Cabs is through the roof. But the biggest problem that Nasa Cabs is facing right now is that not enough cabs are available for their huge consumer base. Many a times, customers have to use their competitors Cabs even after having several kilometres in their account. To counter that, Nasa Cabs is adding more and more cabs every day but it is also planning to offer its customers a refund in the form of Amazon Credits for every trip they have to take with its competitors. The customers are really excited about this welcome change. Nasa Cabs, truly are Marketing Genius.

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