The Soap With a Lump

Last year, Unilever didn't just introduce a new soap, they introduced a whole new utility. They found out that 75% of Indian women shy away self examination of their breasts for Cancer. This topic has been picked up by numerous brands and there have been numerous campaigns for Breast Cancer over the years. But it is so difficult to change people's behavior and their inhibitions on words alone. So, they launched a new product: A Soap with a Lump

Ideation and Execution

Unilever's research revealed that a staggering 75% of Indian women shy away from self-examination. And it was clear that all other campaigns that had been done till now may have been successful in creating awareness about the problem but had failed at changing behavior of women.

Thus, to go a step forward, Unilever transformed its product and made a Soap with a Lump which is a great tactic to remind women to examine their breasts when bathing and showering, alone and uninhibited.


The Soap with a Lump was launched in collaboration with the Indian Cancer Society (ICS) and distributed to women through its screening camps in Maharashtra. Within 24 hours of its launch, the campaign started trending with 86,687 impressions and caught the attention of online publications, global marketers and international media creating a reach of 9.4 Million.

Lux plans to extend this initiative through leading cancer hospitals, awareness workshops, and other community programs across India. This is a simple idea which not only keeps women beautiful but can also save their lives.

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