Tik Tok : The Marketer's Gold Pitch

Tik Tok has taken the world by a storm. With an estimated of 800 million active users per month, it is the sixth most used social app in the world. No other video app is on more phones than Tik Tok. The users engage with the content much more than they do on any other platform. A lot of content gets viral on Tik Tok like #tiktokchef has around 5.2 billions views, #sharethecare has 4.7 billion views etc and this is a huge platform for Marketers to showcase their creativity.

Brands using Tik Tok for their Marketing

Gen Z and Millenials love experiences and emotions and not things. But Mercedes Benz, broke the Internet with their #MBStarchallenge, inviting creator s from UK and Germany to re-envision their Star Logo. They got 2.24 million video views and were able to launch the campaign with high impact.

And Mercedes Benz was not in any way the first or the only brand to use Tik Tok to promote themselves. Converse also engaged audiences with an ongoing Creative All Star Series Program inviting the Tik Tok community to creatively customise their their Converse and showcase their talents with #ConverseAllStar. There are countless other Brands using Tik Tok like NBA, Guess, HP, NFL etc

How can your Brand use Tik Tok ?

The best and the most successful brands are the ones who adopt to changing trends and make the best out of it. Now that Tik Tok has become the playground for Marketers, it makes sense for every brand to elope to Tik Tok and promote their brands. But to do that it is very important to know your target audience and what kind of content they like to consume and then grow the page organically using simple and high quality videos. And it is so easy to make engaging content on Tik Tok, thus this is a platform that every brand must explore.

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