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On 06th September 2018, the Supreme Court of India decriminalized the 158 year old colonial law of Section 377 of Indian Penal Code. With this landmark judgement, the Gay community got Sexual Rights. Even though, the laws have changed, there is still a negative attitude towards LGBT Community. To address the taboo, the Times of India launched a campaign 'Times Out and Proud' to drive more acceptance for the community.

Driving Change for 180 years

Times of India has been driving change for a long time, standing up for equal rights and making the world a more habitable place. It has been very vocal about various pressing issues in the society. While other brands stay shush and rarely ever take a stand, Times of India usually runs beautiful campaigns that directly addresses the issue.

Out and Proud

The Indian society is changing and maturing every year and Times of India is its' mirror. When the Supreme Court decriminalized Section 377, it was a reason to cheer for the LGBT community to finally have sexual rights which others take so easily for granted. The life for a Gay person and his family is very hard as, we as a community have difficulty accepting it.

So, in a brilliant move, Times of India ran a campaign by the name of 'Times Out and Proud' and published classified for Announcements, Accommodation, Anniversaries and People Seeking Partners for free. The campaign was focused to create more awareness and acceptance in people's attitude for the community as a whole. Now, it may take a long time for people to be Okay with everything, but Times of India has done a laudable job with this, trying to change people's attitude and beliefs.

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